Philosophy & Heritage

The Montessori philosophy adopts whole child education. This philosophy allows your child to develop the critical thinking and intellectual curiosity skills needed, that creates good citizens and fuels success in the classroom. Research shows that children with a Montessori Education are well prepared Academically and Socially.

Your children gain more educational benefits than traditional teaching methods.

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children can learn anything given the right environment. That is why your children will receive that philosophy and those methods here at the Penta School. The Montessori Method helps children reach their fullest potential. A Philosophy that goes beyond that of traditional teaching.

Our philosophy will focus on the whole education of your child or children.

Essential Montessori Methods

Mixed age classrooms. Student choice of activity from within a prescribed range of options. Uninterrupted blocks of work time.
A trained Montessori teacher.

Montessori education theory

Abstraction Communication Activity Exploration Repetition Self-Perfection

Planes of development

Acquisition of language Interest in small objects Sensory refinement Social behavior