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We focus on nurturing your child's mental growth, social growth, and their practical life approach.


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The Penta School Montessori Academy is a registered and credentialed Montessori Academy. We Comply with all state and local regulations governing Child Care Services. We are inspected regularly and maintain all mandated certifications. Our staff of certified teachers, teachers assistants, and interns always maintain their credentials.

We are a scientific, multi-aged, and reality based. Our concrete materials gently move your child into abstraction. We respect individuality. We nurture a love of learning and help guide your children toward self-discipline. All children can learn to care for themselves and their environment.

Positive & Nurturing Staff

Certified staff

The Montessori preschool classroom is a "living room" for children. The children choose their work from the self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves and they work in designated work areas.

Our staff are required to have their CPR certification, Basic Life Support certification and are required to attend re-certification training as needed.

We can Accommodate

Before & After Care assistance

The Penta School Montessori Academy offers a curriculum that differs from traditional schools. Your children will thrive in an environment that emphasizes cognitive and social development. The environment encourages self-discipline and also stresses teamwork.

Your child may be done with school, but you still have a few hours of work. You can sign up for before and after care at The Penta School Montessori Academy to accommodate your schedule.


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